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Friday, December 29, 2017

Iceland Series #5

This one is the largest I have done based on the Iceland experience. 60"x 60", oil and cold wax on linen. I do not paint from photographs, I keep parts of a scene in my mind till I can paint it. This one has been a real labour but it is finally finished.
I am very pleased with where it went. Now I have to wear a sweater in the studio. The price on this one is $7250.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Return From Iceland-With Art

Our recent visit to Iceland inspired some new work.
Here are the first three.
"Iceland Series #1" 12x24 oil and wax on linen $560

Both were more based on feeling than on reality. The heat from the earth and the feeling of power surging under you at all times, then the falls hurling water back down from the Glaciers, almost as if to counter the heat, is moving and engulfing.
"Iceland Series #2 32x38 oil and wax on linen

Iceland Series #3  12x36 oil and wax on canvas

Thursday, November 16, 2017

A Look at Some New Works


"The Last Vineyard"

"Red Sky in Morning"

"Sneaker Wave"

"Your Deal"

"Across the Channel"
"Grain Elevator Visits the Beach"
"Across the Channel #1"

"Across the Channel- Welcome to America"

Sunday, November 5, 2017

New Series, and I have NO idea where it came from!

 Late night in the studio. Sipping a nice Reisling and watching a series grow from...where? I have no idea.
When I came back from Vietnam and my wife picked me up at LAX I really had no idea where we were. Her sister married into mega money in the early 60's and had a house in part of Inglewood (this was 1971...). If you walked out past the pools and out the back gate you were right next to the Marie Callender Sandwich Shop (the also had pies). 
I was from Lebanon Oregon and had lived in a one-room tarpaper shack till I was 12, then my dad started his own tire shop and by the time I was 16 I had my own car, worked at the shop and earned the same as the older guys, and was WAY TO SPOILED.
Anyway, back to art. While I was in LA visiting the in-laws after Nam I woke up early one morning and looked out the front window past the manicured lawn and neatly trimmed bushes to a site I had not beheld since I left Chine Beach! (Say THAT in one breath!) Ocean! The smog had lifted and I saw OCEAN!
We spent the better part of the day blasting up and down PCH in her brother in law's XK-E, with me getting used to not having an M-16 to wave around if traffic was bad.
We landed for lunch in a little place up on Palos Verdes and we saw Catalina Island. Wanted to go out and explore but was told it was tourists and tourists so Patty talked me out of it.
Fast forward 12 years and you find me teaching at Fort MacAurther just south of PV. My new friend Pattrick (fellow spook) and I were out wandering one morning along the docks in Long Island when we were flagged down by a beautiful woman waving from the deck of her yacht. We stopped and ask what she needed. "I just need a hand lifting this water tank off on to the pier"
"Across the Channel#2"
We went aboard and met the most amazing woman I had ever met at the age of 31!
She was 81 and swam from her yacht every morning. Her husband had been a propmaster with MGM since the 40's and she had been the head costumer at MGM for 39 years when she retired. When her husband passed she sold everything and moved on to the boat.
Pat and I worked every day and night repairing and re-tuning and repainting. Then came the Sand-Dab Festival. She was a prime mover in what has since been hidden away in the basement after they realized overharvesting was a bad thing. Anyway, we got to go out on the 45 footer and catch fish. There were massive crowds, old people we did not relate to, but good fun, and lots of girls.

I think that the view from different parts of the coast of Catalina and even the Channel Islands has inspired this series.

"Across the Channel #3- Welcome to America"

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Preparing for the new show

October 1st will be here before I am ready but putting together a new show will be exciting!
Vistra Framing and Gallery in Eugene will have at least 20 paintings from my studio from 10"x10" to 84"x70".
I now have to gather work from 5 locations, move work to fill in where I have taken away pieces, and paint some new work.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Painting Added to Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

This piece, 60x30 oil and wax on panel, "Caravans", is now in the permanent collection at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Hello, I am Back

I have refrained from writing much for the last year but I am starting to feel the need.
I have been dealing with a huge amount of anger and frustration with the ridiculous politics of the country and my art has begun to show it. That both excites and worries me.
I just finished a rather dark work and have been told by visitors to the studio and my assistant, that it is stunning and important. When I hear this I usually cringe.
My paintings are about life and joy and earth and sky. They come from a deep place and are also surface. The surface I can look at and understand.

Begining a new one

This is a new painting that I have just started and I will take you through the stages as we go.
It is a 70x84 inch linen, gessoed with Golden for the first coat and Lascaux for the second.
After the first coat, I sand out and big nits. Then a coat of my favourite gesso.

Next, we will see the first marks.

OK, here is the first few marks. Upside down to start the sky.

This morning I began mixing the wax and oil base and adding Turquoise by M.Graham (more pigment load than ANY other paint) and laying it in over the drips. Then I used Cobalt Blue, then Manganese (Hue) on the overall blend.
Next comes the Cadmium orange above.

Today I am adding a layer of very diminished ultramarine blue over the other blues to ties them together.