Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Preparing for the new show

October 1st will be here before I am ready but putting together a new show will be exciting!
Vistra Framing and Gallery in Eugene will have at least 20 paintings from my studio from 10"x10" to 84"x70".
I now have to gather work from 5 locations, move work to fill in where I have taken away pieces, and paint some new work.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Painting Added to Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

This piece, 60x30 oil and wax on panel, "Caravans", is now in the permanent collection at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Hello, I am Back

I have refrained from writing much for the last year but I am starting to feel the need.
I have been dealing with a huge amount of anger and frustration with the ridiculous politics of the country and my art has begun to show it. That both excites and worries me.
I just finished a rather dark work and have been told by visitors to the studio and my assistant, that it is stunning and important. When I hear this I usually cringe.
My paintings are about life and joy and earth and sky. They come from a deep place and are also surface. The surface I can look at and understand.

Begining a new one

This is a new painting that I have just started and I will take you through the stages as we go.
It is a 70x84 inch linen, gessoed with Golden for the first coat and Lascaux for the second.
After the first coat, I sand out and big nits. Then a coat of my favourite gesso.

Next, we will see the first marks.

OK, here is the first few marks. Upside down to start the sky.

This morning I began mixing the wax and oil base and adding Turquoise by M.Graham (more pigment load than ANY other paint) and laying it in over the drips. Then I used Cobalt Blue, then Manganese (Hue) on the overall blend.
Next comes the Cadmium orange above.

Today I am adding a layer of very diminished ultramarine blue over the other blues to ties them together.


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

And Now For Something Different

Sunrise, Coburg Road 
A Perfect Year

Road to the Coast

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Inconsistency is My Favorite Method

"A Perfect Year" 72x48 oil and wax on linen
When I started painting I was told to develop a personal style that people would recognise. I have failed, miserably! But, in learning where my strengths are, where I can trust my mark, I have realised that it is my MARK, not my style that people recognise! 

This 10x10 was done in 15 minutes over 6 days

This 30x60 has been reworked to add brighter whites and shadows
"Trust your mark! It is yours, and no one can find it except you"

Saturday, June 3, 2017

SOLD!-Before it Hit the Wall!

Today I went to McMinnville to hang a new show at Vinum Ferus. They are a newer winery and though they have been making wine for a few years, the tasting room is brand new. I was honored to be ask to show there, The space is perfect. 
As I was getting the paintings out of the car, a young couple sitting in front of the winery commented on the large works and were bemoaning the fact they had no walls yet.
She kept looking at one I had finished this morning and framed. "Can I buy this one?" As you may guess, it never got to the wall.

"Evening in the wheat field" 2017

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Older Work Mixed with New

"Floater" 1998
I had prints made of these old works for Rainbow Optics over by Sheldon High. I let them pick from a bunch of work and this is what they chose.

"Cotillion" 2010

"Clover Field- Carlton" 2017