Saturday, June 3, 2017

SOLD!-Before it Hit the Wall!

Today I went to McMinnville to hang a new show at Vinum Ferus. They are a newer winery and though they have been making wine for a few years, the tasting room is brand new. I was honored to be ask to show there, The space is perfect. 
As I was getting the paintings out of the car, a young couple sitting in front of the winery commented on the large works and were bemoaning the fact they had no walls yet.
She kept looking at one I had finished this morning and framed. "Can I buy this one?" As you may guess, it never got to the wall.

"Evening in the wheat field" 2017

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Older Work Mixed with New

"Floater" 1998
I had prints made of these old works for Rainbow Optics over by Sheldon High. I let them pick from a bunch of work and this is what they chose.

"Cotillion" 2010

"Clover Field- Carlton" 2017

Friday, May 12, 2017

New Paintings at Anam Cara Cellars

Anam Cara Cellars did such an amazing job promoting my work last year that I was thrilled to have another show there! I paint about Terroir, vineyards, Oregon landscapes, and imagined places, and the show covers all those bases.
This one is based on a glimpse of a clover field outside Carlton Oregon

This one is based on the land forms in Eastern Oregon where The Rocks AVA is located

Monday, April 3, 2017

SOLD! Older Painting, 1998, For Sale

An older painting done in 1998. "Year of the Horse" 48x48 on canvas. I used thin mixtures of oil and pigment in layers adding iridescent pigments throughout. The couple who purchased it moved from a large walled condo to a Craftsman Bungalow with no large walls. So it sits complaining in my studio, as it is so far removed from my new work it is hard to show. $2500 is what my canvases cost now for this size. $1500 will give it a new home.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

New Painting

"Clover Field: Carlton, Oregon" Oil and wax on linen, 48x48, $2890

Monday, March 6, 2017


My newest work, "Slash", 38x42 oil and wax on linen. This will be on display at INEUGENE in April.

Frank Okada's RED

  This is Frank Okada's RED. Frank came in to the bookstore one day in 1992 and we started talking about reds. We played with paint right out of the tube, mixing and sampling. Then Frank took a bit of Alizarin Crimson, Napthol Red, and Cad Red Light each (all M.Graham) and mixed them up. We both smiled and he said "OK, 15 tubes a Alizarin, 20 tubes of Napthol, and 15 tubes of Cad Light" 
He had done a series of red paintings back in the mid '80s and was looking for THAT red. He may have forgotten the formula and was trying to find it. He found it. Frank's work can be seen all over the northwest in museums and collections, such as Horizon House in Seattle, where I am also collected.
I am constructing a new painting using Frank's RED now. 
This is a detail from a 38x42 oil and wax on linen work that is very close to DONE.