Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Leftover Paint

I had a little wax and oil mix leftover from a big painting I am fighting with so I put it on an old painting I had painted over. 
The next day I dug out some blues, greens, and Vasari impressionist colors and went to work.
 After adding the green I started mixing down a bit to soften the harsh green.
 Today I added more Naples and chromium yellow. Pretty happy considering I spent a total of 15 minutes on it.

Monday, May 4, 2020

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Finding Where This Came From

Sometimes we stumble upon totally unrelated things and they link together in a kind of discordant harmony.
Last week I was up here in the studio and was looking at images I had started but nothing was clicking.
There was on old gessoed mat board in the corner that I had frustratingly scribbled on, secretly wishing I were Twombly, so I pulled it out and tacked it up on the wall.
The gesso had warped it enough that I found not get pins to keep it in place, so I painted it anyway. After having it pop off the wall a few times I got out the sheetrock screws and fixed it. 
Just playing with blocks as it were.
Fascinated by something I read recently of how humans look for connections to themselves in objects, I began to make up a story about the relationship between the two blocks. 
We want to see something anthropomorphic in random objects. We project our humanity of capricious things like trees and rock shapes. So given that, putting legs on a box makes it human. A few days ago I watched a show on the relationship between Corts and Montezuma. It struck me that there was yes, a naivete on the part of Montezuma, but also on the part of Cortes. The long term has never been an element in the thinking of conquerors.
Cortes Offering the Apple To Montezuma
Thus white man has conquered the world.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Drive-by Art Show

In these times of social separation, I think people need to walk in the sun and see new things to brighten their day.
Yesterday I put out a dozen or so paintings, ranging from 10"x10" to 60x48. All are oils, some on linen, others on panels made by American Easel. Kids in the neighbourhood LOVED it and I will probably gift a few.
787 Audel Ave in Eugene
All-day today through Saturday.
Hours are noon to 5ish.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Painting Small

These times are making me contemplative and small paintings are a way to distract me from big issues.
This one was started last night and when it has cured a bit I will add some details and fix a few problems.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Painting in Quarantine

I am out of big panels to paint on so I opened a book I love about the California Impressionists and began looking for images to reinterpret.

After "What Nature's God Hath Wrought" 1925

Some of the artists really spoke to me, such as William Wendt and Jack Wilkinson Smith who died the year I was born. My mother had a small print of one of his sea coast paintings that I always loved.
I have been looking at the paintings and imagining I am there and paint what I see, not what they saw. Interesting approach.
Remembered from a class with Frank Okada talking about forced inspiration.
Not being able to drag my paints outside is making me look closely at these old paintings with a new appreciation.
Also, Painting the same on over and over is a challenge.

These are all after a detail from Smith's "Sunlit Surf"

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Sea, Surf, and New Paints

I was looking through one of my old books about Californian impressionists when I found this detail from Jack Wilkinson Smith's "Sunlite Surf" 

I stretched linen and primed two 18x18s.
One I painted with Tommy Art's Navy Blue, the other with their Turquois.
Step one

All done

Almost done with this one but need to sit a watching for a few hours then fix it.
here is the finished product.
It is going a  fellow Viet Nam vet who lives a stark life and needs a place to vacation. He gets it because I love his granddaughter.