Friday, April 26, 2013

Holding Pattern

This one began a few days ago and has changed a little at a time. Here are some progress shots and a couple of detail. The painting is called "Holding Pattern" and is 24X36. It is painted using wax, oil paints (I prefer M.Graham due to the massive pigment load), alkyd medium, graphite, and raw pigments on  a gessoed panel. It is done with various knives, trowels, and spatulas depending on the effect I want to achieve.

I began with a simple idea of flight and movement. Using graphite stick I drew in the shapes I wanted then used my base coat of oil, wax, and oil stick to start the yellow field. I did the same for the lighter area.  There are about 8 layers of slightly different colors in each area including gold. Look for the mint green areas in the white field.
This painting will be varnished and will be in my June show at The Gallery at the Watershed.

Here is the final version before varnish.

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