Saturday, December 3, 2016

Busy Week!

When I got home from a short trip last week I found a puzzle in my studio. My able studio assistant had stretched a few new canvases for me and one was of particular interest: It was put together with two 50 inch bars and two 48 inch bars. The problem was that the two sizes were opposite each other. I thought about it for a while then hung it like a diamond. This is the result.
Down in the Valley

I am very pleased and surprised at the results and may have to repeat this mistake.
Now one to a more standard approach: This one is a little smaller but is very energetic. It took all day slaving over a hot easel to get this one where I want it.
This whole series has connected me to the wines and vineyards of Oregon and I can't wait to find out where they will take me.

Looking South

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