Monday, March 6, 2017

Frank Okada's RED

  This is Frank Okada's RED. Frank came in to the bookstore one day in 1992 and we started talking about reds. We played with paint right out of the tube, mixing and sampling. Then Frank took a bit of Alizarin Crimson, Napthol Red, and Cad Red Light each (all M.Graham) and mixed them up. We both smiled and he said "OK, 15 tubes a Alizarin, 20 tubes of Napthol, and 15 tubes of Cad Light" 
He had done a series of red paintings back in the mid '80s and was looking for THAT red. He may have forgotten the formula and was trying to find it. He found it. Frank's work can be seen all over the northwest in museums and collections, such as Horizon House in Seattle, where I am also collected.
I am constructing a new painting using Frank's RED now. 
This is a detail from a 38x42 oil and wax on linen work that is very close to DONE.

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