Thursday, July 20, 2017

Hello, I am Back

I have refrained from writing much for the last year but I am starting to feel the need.
I have been dealing with a huge amount of anger and frustration with the ridiculous politics of the country and my art has begun to show it. That both excites and worries me.
I just finished a rather dark work and have been told by visitors to the studio and my assistant, that it is stunning and important. When I hear this I usually cringe.
My paintings are about life and joy and earth and sky. They come from a deep place and are also surface. The surface I can look at and understand.

Beginning a new one

This is a new painting that I have just started and I will take you through the stages as we go.
It is a 70x84 inch linen, gessoed with Golden for the first coat and Lascaux for the second.
After the first coat, I sand out and big nits. Then a coat of my favourite gesso.

Next, we will see the first marks.

OK, here is the first few marks. Upside down to start the sky.

This morning I began mixing the wax and oil base and adding Turquoise by M.Graham (more pigment load than ANY other paint) and laying it in over the drips. Then I used Cobalt Blue, then Manganese (Hue) on the overall blend.
Next comes the Cadmium orange above.

Today I am adding a layer of very diminished ultramarine blue over the other blues to ties them together.


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