Saturday, July 1, 2017

Inconsistency is My Favorite Method

"A Perfect Year" 72x48 oil and wax on linen
When I started painting I was told to develop a personal style that people would recognise. I have failed, miserably! But, in learning where my strengths are, where I can trust my mark, I have realised that it is my MARK, not my style that people recognise! 

This 10x10 was done in 15 minutes over 6 days

This 30x60 has been reworked to add brighter whites and shadows
"Trust your mark! It is yours, and no one can find it except you"

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Umair Ali said...

Inconsistency is one of my favorite activities and habits. The life is based on the twists and skills for the formation of the new friends. The life is totally inconsistent due to the natural temperament. The consequences have been bearded as well due to the loss of the plan and consistency.