Wednesday, February 21, 2018

More Waterfalls and Why Waterfalls

This series started on my visit to Iceland in December. I was taken by the stark yet rich landscape of winter. I wanted nothing
 more than to transport to my studio and paint what I felt. 
I have painted more prolifically since the trip than I 
have in years. As you can see, I have fixated on waterfalls. There are feelings one experiences when near a falls. Scientists explain it as a direct reaction to the ozone created by the falling water. I hesitate to become too philosophical, but I think there is an almost spiritual uplifting of the soul that takes place. The movement, the power, the drama, and the clean mist all enhance and expand the moments. That is what started this series. I hope you enjoy them.
"O'Keef Falls" 16x20 oil and wax on canvas

"Double Falls" 16x16 oil and wax on  canvas
"Triple Falls" 18x24 oil and wax on linen

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