Saturday, April 28, 2018

New Abstract-"We Seek Comfort From Those Far Away"

This began a few months ago by building up layers of paint and laying in color. This was done with pigments, metallic pigments, and oil paint mixed with cold wax applied in thin layers until the correct surface was achieved.
"We Seek Comfort From Those Far Away"  48"x48" 
 Then I use a printmaking tool to scoop out or scrape back areas then paint back into them.
Layers of thinly pigmented wax are spread over the base to achieve the effects I want.
Using a pencil and a pallet knife I spread the paints and wax for color effect.

Scraping back and rubbing out areas of color give it depth and texture.

Ultramarine over Manganese blue with Ultramarine Violet even more thinly spread over both then Zinc white used above.

Zinc white over metallic pigment over titanium white and Manganese Blue.


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