Wednesday, December 12, 2018

A New Commission

 I began this commission last week. it is a 40x60 linen canvas stretched and gessoed with the best gesso I have EVER used, including "from the ground up rabbit skin glue, lead white, gypsum and titanium white. Lascaux makes an astoundingly good gesso! I have been using it for 25 years and have never found any better.
 First layers are Holbein Oriental Bue in wax, then a layer of Zinc White. Now ultramarine blue (a tube from 1963) that I was given. Green Erth from Art Graham's amazing paints.
Now the yellows: Winsor Newton Lemon from a tube purchased in the 1970s when they still made paint ( and I do mean paint)  Now we add the Rembrandt Scarlet red. 
next step is the drips and the REDDER reds.
It is now done!

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