Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Oldies but Goodies

I am often surprised at my reaction to my own work. I paint every day and often take work that was stuffed into the storage room and rethink it. I may have to bring it out for the show. It will be finished. 
Such was the case with this one a few months ago, but I think I put it back in storage.
This one resides at ShelterCare in Eugene. It seems to be a favourite among both clients and staff.
Personally, I would take a toke and THEN look at it.
Moon Jar is on display at ShelterCare in Eugene
These were painted for the same show at the Coos At Musem. 26 paintings that were done in a panic (long story) were about Vessels,
Tea Bowl
they named the show "Transported", which I thought to be quite an appropriate title.

I died in a train wreck when I was 16 and twice more in a VA hospital in "94 and I have always considered the body as a mear vessel for the soul, energy, and intellect. These paintings were energized by the need to tell that story.
Blue Bowl, in the collection at Coos Art Museum

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