Saturday, May 25, 2019

Sometimes I surprise Myself

Working this painting for the last few weeks has given me a real opportunity to do some self-analysis, in a good way I hope. My instinct to do things fast, from what I see in my mind on the canvas to "done", in less than a month, or a week, or even a day, did not kick in in time for this one to escape my paintbrushes.
It started out as a sister to "Hot Coffee in the Desert" and became itself, became aware, then demanded immortality.
 I could not come up to the studio and leave her untouched. The balance was just a bit off and I tried and tried again to pull the eye back. I thought I had it but every time I would go away for 
an hour she would right herself and I would have to paint.
It became a ritual.
 I would turn her to the wall and work on two or three other paintings, then turn her about and behold! Off balance!
 Today, yes, today I went upstairs early this morning and turned on my lights and there she stood, balanced.

"Ok! OK! I swear! No more changes!" he yelled as his other muse pulled him away from the panel. The painting had haunted him for weeks and a few days ago he proclaimed triumphantly "Done!" 

How Dare You
Barking Owl II
Night Owl
and so tonight as he comes up the stairs and begins to work on the Oregon Wine LAB entries to benefit the Raptor Center, realizes there is more energy to pull out of this work.
 He begins to play with gold leafing for the owls and realizes some random marks made earlier in the day, (OK OK a tiny bit of Blackest Black from Stuart Semple) may have a purpose.
The movement of the painting can be seen as either elevating or descending, depending on the mood or attitude of the observer. 
And the addition of the gold leafing gave him an excuse to use the gold leaf.

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