Thursday, May 2, 2019

New Landscapes and I HATE TRUMP!!!

"Untitled Landscape #6"

"Untitled Landscape #7"

 This was the process for developing this painting from the red ground to finished.
I started with a 12x24 American Easel panel then got some red acrylic paint, #Testors Fire Engine Red, and added a finger full of Golde Fine Pumice Gel. If you paint oil over acrylics and want your mom to be able to pass it on to the great-grandkids who will discover it in the attic and sell it at Sothobeys for $11,000, then you must give the oil something to attach to. Fine pumice gel, food grade calcium carbonate, or whiting can be mixed into the acrylic to mimic a gesso.
 Red is my favorite ground. It shows you your mid tones and extremes beautifully, and if you leave just a hint around your greens you will be pleased.

This one, well, this one was difficult. I had a piece of wood lying on the floor of my studio that I had been ignoring (below my waist) but I began to see an image in it. I started painting a division between the world we inhabit and the one we will inhabit if the takers, like Trump and his sociopathic hoard, are allowed to prosper on the backs of the working poor.

"World Eater"

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