Thursday, July 18, 2019

Life Changing, From Large to Small

A couple of weeks ago I was up in my studio and was finishing a series of still life paintings. This painting is 18x24 and is the last in a series of vases I forced myself to do.
 I had struggled for days trying to "sit" the white vase, alas, to no avail, till that night when I began to dig through my pile of white paints to find a large tube of lead White!
That was what it would take to "sit" this vase down. I worked on the white for an hour and then finally, it settled
I began to put things away, as much as I do (those who know my studio know that is not much).This print, one I had seen 15 or so years ago at the Portland Art Museum, popped into my head. I grabbed a small study I had done years ago that was leaning against the wall and started painting.
"Mum Series #1" 5x7 oil on canvas

A change began in my hand and arm, and brain and I began to see close up instead of from elevation or far away.

The image of the mum, centred and white, made me want to find that in a painting.
Now I am hanging these little tiny paintings in a wonderfully humbling gallery in Harrisburg Oregon. Here is what my friend Randi Bjornstad says about it on her blog, Eugene Scene.

I recently hung a 70x80 oil and wax painting in my hometown library.

On the way back to Eugene I drove through Harrisburg. I had seen the storefront a few times but my schedule, or my ego, kept me from stopping.
After curating many shows at galleries and museums, being the curator at OPUS6IX, as seen below,

in Eugene, Oregon, and being old and cranky, and missing the joy of OPUS6IX,
I seldom visit galleries anymore. 
My work is nor "gallery centric" as one of my art critic buddies coined.
I just paint to paint, and I have little say in the equation.
 So FINALLY I stopped at the little Gallery, parked down the block, lest someone who knew my car spot it and walked into what I have to say the best description I have is JOY. 
Shelley was so excited to see me and I was convinced she had esp when she started asking about my large work. Turns out she knew who I was.

 Do stop in on your way through town, you will be welcomed and will leave smiling.

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