Saturday, November 23, 2019

Frantically Gathering Paintings for a New Show

A few weeks ago I was reminded of a commitment to hang a show at Oregon Wine LAB  here in Eugene. She initially said December but later changed it to January.
But the spark was lit, so I started freaking out. 
Right now I have a show at Anam Cara Cellars in Newberg ending in the last week of December, a small show in Harrisburg at The Galley, about 12 works hanging at Sotheby's in NE Portland, as well as three paintings at Oregon Contemporary Theater, two at The Shedd, 22 at Valley River Inn, and a few at BennetVineyards. Plus there are a few that I have certainly forgotten about I am sure.

It is about the act of painting, not about keeping. I actually give away 30 or so small paintings a year and donate to auctions frequently.
So I have been switching out work this last week and now have enough for three shows!

I will never be a gallery artist. I did not create much art after my father declared when I was given the scholarship to visit Paris for 2 months that "Art is for fags! You're going to work!"
On my return from Ponape Micronesia, where I worked as a student anthropologist through the  U of O I was dissatisfied with my drawing skill so I signed up for a drawing class. It was life-changing.
My first drawing in art class at age 40

Here are a few of the works I plan on showing.
"Small Falls" 12x24 oil on panel

"Field West of Vik, Iceland" 24x36 oil on linen

 This one has been hiding in my storage for 19 years and my studio assistant wanted to know why.
Once I brought it out and put it on the easel I began to like it, so I touched it up a bit.

"Mount Hood" 5x7 inch oil

"Painting Inspired by a Car Door" 30x30 oil and enamel on panel
 This painting was inspired by an accidental photo of my car door. I plan on exploring this direction a bit more.

 This strange little painting came about from visiting a friends ceramics collection and sketching some shapes.

 I invented a way to print etchings directly on to wood. This is one of many. This one is leafed first but used the same process.

 I found a tube of Titanium White that was from the late '60s and had to cut it open to get the paint but the paint was still workable if VERY stiff, hence the syle of this painting.

"Starting Over" 30x30 oil and wax

"Triple Falls"

Mum Series

"Tear Falls"

"The Ways You Move Me" 40x40 oil and wax

"Water Flowing" 30x30 oil and wax

Mum Series

Mum Series

Mum Series

"Nude Beach Riot" 40x40 oil and wax
Mum Series

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