Tuesday, December 3, 2019

An old friend returns

Lately, I have become a bit obsessed with fire and the terror and exaltation it brings to the soul.
This little guy was hiding in my storage and I brought him out to see why I discarded him in the first place.
After really looking at him I saw what was missing, emotion. I started pulling the already dark clouds in with other lighter colours and then the fire.
I think he is ready to put on the wall for my studio sale.

Studio Sale

Well well, as artists must swim forward to survive, I decided to say YES, when  I was asked by my friend Tara Kemp if I would share my space for a two-person Studio sale. I readily agreed as the only studio "sales" I have are when every two years I give away all the small studies I have been messing with, trying to envision a grand painting, or when I have had pre-show events. The last one we had meant putting all of the 5x8 and 6x6 paintings out in the garden, leaning against trees!
 Very successful.

8x5 Oil and wax on linen Collection of Lane Comunity College

"Vase II" 5x5 oil on panel Collection of Lane Community College

"Out to Sea, Eventually" Collection of Global Citizen, Oakland

93x72 oil on linen in the collection Of Lebanon (Oregon) Public Library
I am BAD about selling my smaller work. I end up asking less or just giving it to them if they have that look.
I would rather have my work seen than sitting in a warehouse waiting to be auctioned off to the lowest bidder.
I may have to write a book about "The Studio Sale"

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