Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Painting in Quarantine

I am out of big panels to paint on so I opened a book I love about the California Impressionists and began looking for images to reinterpret.

After "What Nature's God Hath Wrought" 1925

Some of the artists really spoke to me, such as William Wendt and Jack Wilkinson Smith who died the year I was born. My mother had a small print of one of his sea coast paintings that I always loved.
I have been looking at the paintings and imagining I am there and paint what I see, not what they saw. Interesting approach.
Remembered from a class with Frank Okada talking about forced inspiration.
Not being able to drag my paints outside is making me look closely at these old paintings with a new appreciation.
Also, Painting the same on over and over is a challenge.

These are all after a detail from Smith's "Sunlit Surf"

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