Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Feeling Rudderless, Escaping to the Sky, and Persian Vase

Tonight I came to terms, that at 71 and not really interested in dealing with galleries, or co-ops, or pop up galleries, I am just going to have a ride by, drive-by, walk by art show after this series of storms pass. I will be very generous.

I also began to dig deep into my soul and my memory and began to realise how angry I was before I started making art again, thank you to Ken O'Connell, Margret Prentice, and Frank Okada.
Up late in the studio.
Working on color harmonies, or should I say disharmonies.
"The Escape is in the Sky" Do not get trapped in the forest, look to the sky and find the lovers.
Rudderless" Have you ever felt like your hand was no longer on the rudder" That you, and I mean we collectively, were being tossed into a rudderless vessel? 
And I finished a couple of paintings, actually, three.
Actually, this is not the finished painting but I will post that soon.

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